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Restoring factory presets in the Waldorf Microwave

When I got the Microwave it had a lot of german 90’s techno sounding presets strangely named like “Horny Bitch” and so on (Horny Bitch wasn’t even a brass patch = FAIL).

I guess this isn't a factory preset. Read my other post on how to restore the factory presets.
I guess this isn’t a factory preset. Read my other post on how to restore the factory presets.

I had to get the factory presets back! Fortunately Waldorf supplies these on their homepage.

Go to the Sounds folder and download the midi version. In the zip you’ll find the factory presets and some bonus presets. To transfer them to the MW, simply open the midi file and run it in the sequencer. For me it worked directly, some settings might have to be set first, instructions are in the zip file.

My favorites so far are:

  • factory.mid – The factory banks
  • ppg/mwave2_3.mid – I think these are the factory patches from the PPG Wave 2.3
  • wavepool/digital.mid – A lot of lofi digital sounding patches, very PPG:ish

Waldorf Microwave has arrived

Today my Waldorf Microwave arrived after a long journey from Germany to Sweden. What better way to spend the friday evening?

Almost making a mean green machine bargain

I was looking for a Waldorf Microwave 1, the one with analog filters. It was actually made in at least three versions; the Rev A, the Rev B and the limited edition “Mean green machine”. The Mean green machine was actually a limited batch of 99 Rev B painted green. To be honest, the Rev A is a lot better looking.

On the german eBay, a Mean green machine was up for grabs. Unfortunately I didn’t win the bidding and it was sold for €845, which is a real bargain. A so called steal.

The machine itself normally goes for at least €1000, but this auction also included an Access programmer. An Access programmer is for an MW what a PG-800 is for a Roland JX-synth. The Access programmer adds the hands on tweakability that’s missing on the Microwave, and they are quite rare and almost never sold separately. When they are, €500 are normal prices.

Too bad I lost the bidding, but I had to have a Microwave, so I got a normal Rev B with the latest OS.