JX-8P and JX-10 working with BCR-2000

I just got the BCR-2000 working with the Roland JX-8P and JX-10. I found a JX-8P preset by a guy named Rainer Keizer that works fine! It’s downloadable from the bc2000 Yahoo! Group. However, it took me a couple of hours to realize that it actually works, and the reason was how Logic 9 handles incoming SysEx data. By default, Logic only records SysEx, it doesn’t send it to the MIDI out live. When playing the recorded SysEx back then it transmits the SysEx data. Very, very confusing… The key is to go to Project Settings, Midi and then tick SysEx through. Now SysEx is transmitted through Logic out to the external midi as well.

There are some settings that must be set on the synths for them to recieve.

The JX-8P requires that System Exclusive is on. Press the MIDI button, the enter 26 and set it it to EXCLUSIVE ON with the EDIT slider. The receiving MIDI CHANNEL must also be set, it’s parameter 11. The BCR template from Rainer is working on channel 16, so this must be matched on the JX-8P.

The steps are quite similar on the JX-10 but with one quite big exception. Its’ firmware has to be upgraded to an unofficial version since SysEx is broken on the official firmware! Read about it here. As far as I know, SysEx is always activated with the new firmware, no need to turn it on like on the JX-8P. I’m currently working on translating the whole BCR-2000 JX-8P preset to the JX-10, but have so far only done the filter section. It’s actually only one value that differs, namely the model number, so it’s not that difficult. It’s just tedious. By the way, the MKS-70 (rack version of JX-10) has the same SysEx model number, so this template should also work on the MKS-70.

When finished with the JX-10 modification, I’ll take on the Microwave and the K3.

Drumtraks arrived!

Today my SCI Drumtraks 400 arrived! Unfortunately I’m so fed up with work so I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, just a few minutes. But my conclusion so far – it sounds fantastic! The kick is so deep compared to the DMX!

A fun little trivia: I’m the third owner. The first owner was the german italo/techno/electronic/new beat producer Andre Fischer. He bought in back in 1984 together with an SCI Six Track. Two months ago it was shipped from Berlin and sold the second owner who used it on a few recordings and then sold it to me. I was actually offered to buy it a month ago but it had problems with the kick channel which was later fixed. Here are a few songs that this particular Drumtraks was used on:

Kim Cesarion – Sir Sampalot Remix

Expect a few demonstration videos in the near future!

Alesis HR-16 sold

My Alesis HR-16 is sold to a happy new owner. It had the special EPROMs from Chris Strellis with sounds from 8-bit drum machines. But I rather use the originals, it’s just a matter of cash. What to do with the money for the Alesis? Wait and see…