Eventide H910

Long time, no blog updates – but – today is Black Friday, and even though I prefer Blue Monday, I took the plunge and purchased the Eventide H910 Harmonizer plugin. I downloaded the trial a couple of days ago, and found it really inspiring! You could do some really crazy stuff with it, and there’s always some use for it whether you put it on the LinnDrum, a Microwave or on the Prophet 5!

Another really fun thing is that after playing around, tweaking and getting to know it, I now can now identify it in plenty of songs. This thing has character, no doubt about it. I’d suggest downloading it and trying it out.

The Black Friday price is $99 (down from $249), but since I have an account on JRRShop, I got it for $84. I think this offer is available for the rest of November.

By the way, you need an iLok account, but you don’t need an iLok dongle. You can of course put the license on the dongle, if you prefer that.

The H910 is a nice addition to my “vintage” plugin arsenal. I’ll probably have to write a separate post on that!