M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 dead

Tonight my M-Audio Axiom master keyboard died, or at least acted weird. It seems like it had died “blue screen of death”, Google it. I contacted M-Audio for a new main board, but they don’t have them.

Thank you for your interest in M-Audio.

As you may know, M-Audio has recently become part of the InMusic family. We are thrilled to be manufacturing, distributing, and servicing new products under the M-Audio name and expanding the range of products we are able to offer throughout the US and the world. However, as this legacy product (Axiom 49 1st Generation) was not manufactured and/or distributed under the new ownership, these pieces and their parts will not be available from M-Audio.

So I guess I’ll have to scrap it. I don’t have any interest in M-Audio anymore. Never will.