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Another Behringer exception – BCR2000

One of the few Behringer products worth getting is the Behringer ADA-8000. The other one is the BCR-2000 which is a midi controller with 32 assignable rotary encoders that even do SysEx. Today I bought a used one with unknown USB functionality for 400 kr ($60). This will be perfect for the Roland JX-synths whose weakness is the lack of encoders. And the Kawai K3 and Waldorf Microwave as well…

Picture from the ad.
Picture from the ad.

Almost making a mean green machine bargain

I was looking for a Waldorf Microwave 1, the one with analog filters. It was actually made in at least three versions; the Rev A, the Rev B and the limited edition “Mean green machine”. The Mean green machine was actually a limited batch of 99 Rev B painted green. To be honest, the Rev A is a lot better looking.

On the german eBay, a Mean green machine was up for grabs. Unfortunately I didn’t win the bidding and it was sold for €845, which is a real bargain. A so called steal.

The machine itself normally goes for at least €1000, but this auction also included an Access programmer. An Access programmer is for an MW what a PG-800 is for a Roland JX-synth. The Access programmer adds the hands on tweakability that’s missing on the Microwave, and they are quite rare and almost never sold separately. When they are, €500 are normal prices.

Too bad I lost the bidding, but I had to have a Microwave, so I got a normal Rev B with the latest OS.