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Drumtraks arrived!

Today my SCI Drumtraks 400 arrived! Unfortunately I’m so fed up with work so I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, just a few minutes. But my conclusion so far – it sounds fantastic! The kick is so deep compared to the DMX!

A fun little trivia: I’m the third owner. The first owner was the german italo/techno/electronic/new beat producer Andre Fischer. He bought in back in 1984 together with an SCI Six Track. Two months ago it was shipped from Berlin and sold the second owner who used it on a few recordings and then sold it to me. I was actually offered to buy it a month ago but it had problems with the kick channel which was later fixed. Here are a few songs that this particular Drumtraks was used on:

Kim Cesarion – Sir Sampalot Remix

Expect a few demonstration videos in the near future!