Venom traded for Axiom Pro 49

I just traded my M-Audio Venom for the Axiom Pro 49 from the same manifacturer. The reason why is simple – I need knobs and not a VA.

I won’t use the HyperControl mapping since it’s mostly for software instruments. What’s great is that the Axiom also transmits regular midi CC.

My first hands experience says that:

  1. The keys feel very solid. They are visually piano style, but feels a bit lighter. The Venom had that cheap, light, plastic feel. Of all my keyboards, the Axiom keys remind me the most of the ones on the Kawai K3.
  2. It has aftertouch – very nice! Aftertouch is something new to me, the JX-synths has it, but the aftertouch always dies on them. Doesn’t matter now when I have the Axiom as master keyboard.
  3. It has A LOT of knobs and sliders  – great success!