These utilities are considered BETA, so contact me if you find bugs or have ideas!

Disk image extractor

Upload an image file and get a zip with its contents in return.

Currently supports extraction of VC, CO, IN and RS.

As a bonus, the following files will be generated:

The disk image must be in the BIN/RAW (512512 bytes) format, the IMD format is not supported. Use the ImageDisk software with the following command to convert an IMD to BIN:

IMDU disk.IMD disk.BIN /B

CO viewer

Upload a CO file and view it Page 7 style (example).

Wavs to CMI disk image converter

Upload a zip with wavs and get a disk image with VCs in return.

  • A maximum of 10 VC-files will be created
  • Wavs should be max 16384 samples long, the rest of the samples will be discarded
  • Wavs must be MONO
  • Wavs must br 8- or 16-bit
  • Audio should be equivalent to A3 when played back at 14080 Hz
  • Filenames should be max 8 characters long. Only use letters (A-Z) and numbers. No symbols, spaces or dashes.
  • The disk label will be the name of the zip file
  • User name and date are optional. Date should use MMDDYY format, 122484 = Christmas Eve 1984 when Wham! topped the charts